Virtual assistant „Alice“ will help to meditate

Virtual assistant Alisa learned to pick the music for the sessions of meditation. Now, he will help the users to relax and put in order the nervous system.

Виртуальный ассистент «Алиса» поможет медитировать

The new feature is available for owners of smart columns „Yandex.Station.“ To search relaxing melodies you want to say, „Alice, turn on meditation“. Then the virtual assistant will select the appropriate music. Voice assistant offers three options: standard, sleep and relaxation. In normal mode, start sounding tunes to help you concentrate. Before going to sleep, „Alice“ chooses to relaxing music that allows you to forget about problems and relax. The option of „relaxing“ involves sound positively influencing the nerves. This mode should be selected after stress.

The session lasts about ten minutes. During this time the male voice gives recommendations for „correct behavior“. Then it starts to sound soothing music. Before the session you can ask the assistant „Alice“ off in half an hour to get to sleep.

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