Valve Corporation has started fighting purchase games via VPN

American company-computer game developer Valve Corporation started to struggle with buying cheap games through VPN. The measures would deprive players of the opportunity to acquire product at more affordable prices.

Корпорация Valve начала бороться с покупками игр через VPN

It all started with the fact that Valve released a new update to your account settings in Steam. They make it impossible to purchase games using a foreign currency. From now on online service digital distribution of computer games and programs will track the country that is specified in the settings, and display the prices in money that are used on its territory.

In other words, for US the cost is presented in dollars, for Russia – in rubles, for UK in pounds, and so on. Earlier, a similar step was taken by HBO and Netflix. About how it may affect the sales of Steam – to judge is not necessary.

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