The Xiaomi Redmi smartphone and will receive a unique function of the Sound Assistant

The Chinese company Xiaomi is conducting final tests for a new feature, which appears in the original shell MIUI 12 and allow the smartphones of the brand to a unique opportunity in comparison with other Android devices. We are talking about the function of the Sound Assistant that allows you to handle the sound the same as on a normal PC.

Смартфоны Xiaomi и Redmi получат уникальную функцию Sound Assistant

Windows users have long known about the ability to adjust the sound separately for each new application tool called Volume Mixer. In the future this feature will appear in smartphones and Xiaomi Redmi, which are proprietary shell MIUI 12. Thus, the user can set the individual volume levels for apps like Facebook, YouTube, Instagram and others.

However, access to functions is not as simple as in a PC. For a start, Sound Assistant, you must activate in the settings of the gadget. Only then the corresponding tool will open a simple press of the volume keys sound. Moreover, in the usual Android Google, this function is not provided.

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