The Order season 2 : Sarah Grey (Alyssa) confirms the death of (SPOILER)

The Order saison 2 : Sarah Grey (Alyssa) confirme la mort de (SPOILER)

The Order season 2 : Sarah Grey (Alyssa) confirms the death of (SPOILER)

Sorry to disappoint you, but he’ll have to get used to the fact that (SPOILER) is actually dead in the last episode of season 2 of the Order, available on Netflix. While the fans of the series had still a hope, Sarah Grey (the interpreter of Alyssa) just confirmed that the killed character will not survive… Warning, this article contains spoilers !

Sarah Grey confirms the death of Alyssa in season 2 of the Order

Season 2 of the Order we had booked a late shock with Alyssa who cut the throat by a werewolf. There is no doubt that she is dead, but the last image of Jack carrying her in his arms, unconscious, with the book of spells, leaves us with a little hope of his survival. Is there reason to think that she’s still alive ? Not really sadly : „Yes. She is dead. His throat was sliced by a werewolf, „said creator Dennis Heaton to TV Insider.

Bad news that Sarah Grey has confirmed in an interview with HollywoodLife : „Fortunately, Dennis Heaton, the showrunner, I had been warned in advance, before I discovered it myself. I very much enjoyed. But I was shocked and also excited because nobody was going to expect.

Back in season 3 ?

The fans of The Order, on Netflix, can they still hope for the return of Alyssa in season 3, if there is one ? „Dennis told me an idea. I asked him, but I can’t say nothing more, „says Sarah Grey before specifying what it would like to see for his character in the potential sequel : „I want to see even more independent and more sure of herself. I would also like it to have more friends because I have the impression that she is so alone. She has someone that she can confide. And I would also like to find out more about his intimate life.

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