The company Mozilla introduced an ethical ad blocker for Firefox

In Firefox appeared ethical ad blocker. The novelty developed by Mozilla in conjunction with the Scroll.

Компания Mozilla представила этичный блокировщик рекламы для браузера Firefox

In Firefox there is the possibility of blocking ads on the sites, after which the media do not lose money and do not reduce the quality of the content in order to increase advertising revenue. To begin using the extension, you must make a 2.49 dollar every month. Later, the price will increase to $ 5.

Previously this service was tested on a group of users to learn about the effectiveness of the scheme for the Internet-editions. According to representatives of Mozilla, users do not want to see ads on web pages, but can support journalism small monthly amount. At the moment the feature is only available in the United States. To install the extension, you only need to register an account in the browser.

Earlier it became known that Google Chrome will start to block the uploading of files transferred via HTTP Protocol.

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