The Casa de Papel season 4 : Alvaro Dead tease the sequel full of action

La Casa de Papel saison 4 : Alvaro Morte tease la suite pleine d'action

The Casa de Papel season 4 : Alvaro Dead relies on the following full of action

While everyone had hoped to see the season 4 of The Casa de Papel out earlier with the containment due to the Coronavirus, Netflix hasn’t changed its plans : it will be available online on April 3, 2020 as planned. For the time seems less long, you can always read the confidences of Alvaro Dead (El Professor) on the result.

Everything is going to switch in season 4 of The Casa de Papel. El Professor, Tokio, Rio, Helsinki, Bogota, Marseille, Palermo and Nairobi, which is not dead as has been seen in a new trailer, will lose their advantage on the cops while a hostage will be free. The latter will sow chaos in the Bank of Spain. In short, the robbers will run a great danger, and there, it’s hard to imagine a happy ending for them, even if the hope is very strong !

„It is very exciting“

In any case, the coming episodes promise to be hectic and distressing. This is not Alvaro Dead who will say the opposite : „The next season is still over-worked and as soon as the first few episodes, it will focus on the emotion. This suite will be the opportunity to discover in more depth all the characters and you will see, there will be action ! It is very exciting„, explained the interpreter of El Professor, in an interview with Mundo Deportivo, before saying that the actors have not yet seen the season 4 of The Casa de Papel : „We shot our scenes, but we do not know the result.“ Suspense…

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Alvaro Dead embarrassed by the celebrity ?

Upon his arrival on Netflix, the series Spanish, created by Alex Pina was a huge success and its popularity continues to rise especially as season 4 is coming soon (April 3, 2020). The life of the actors has therefore a lot changed since then, but Alvaro Dead does not seem very comfortable with fame : „We are all very happy. But suddenly, you arrive in Berlin and people stop you at the airport or wherever you go. We shot in Thailand and it was the same. You are still the same and you try to stay, it is a bit weird and all that, but I’m very happy with the success of the series.

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