The Bold Type 4 season: Aisha Dee (Kat) – critical a plot and the lack of diversity behind the scenes

The Bold Type saison 4: Aisha Dee (Kat) critique une intrigue et le manque de diversité en coulisses

The Bold Type 4 season : Aisha Dee (Kat) – critical a plot and the lack of diversity

After Vanessa Morgan of Riverdale, it is the turn of Aisha Dee, star of the series the Bold Type, which season 4 ends this Thursday, July 16, the united-Kingdom,s to launch a „call to action“. In a lengthy message posted on Instagram, the interpreter of Kat Edison denounces the lack of diversity in behind-the-scenes of the series and a critical plot point that she considers to be „heartbreaking“ and „removed“ from his character.

The movement Black Lives Matter, which occurred after the death of George Floyd released the word and opened the eyes of some studios. Several white actors have decided not to make any more double characters of color in animated series like The Simpsons or Central Park. Vanessa Morgan, who plays Toni in Riverdale, has criticised the roles of the miners of the black actors, and denounced income inequality.

In the course of its four seasons, the series The Bold Type (available from us on Amazon Prime Video) has pushed the boundaries, raised key issues and started conversations. But if the series is applauded for its diversity, this would not be the case in the scenes, as implied by Aisha Dee.

Aisha Dee denounces the lack of diversity in behind-the-scenes of The Bold Type

On the eve of the broadcast of the final of season 4 of The Bold Type on Freeform in the United States, the interpreter of Kat Edison decided to break the silence and says to have been inspired by his character to speak. „I am ready to push harder, to speak louder for what counts for me : the diversity that we see in the series needs to be reflected in the creative team behind the camera,“ wrote the actress in a long post on his account Instagram. The star explained that he has had to wait two seasons for a person of color join the team of screenwriters. „The responsibility of speaking on the black experience can not and should not fall on one person, „writes Aisha Dee.

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But this is not all : the star also reveals that only two of the 48 episodes of the series have been made by a female director black, and that the team has recruited a person who know how to work with hair textured that at the end of the third season. „There is no black woman in charge of a service on the series“ highlights the interpreter of Kat.

This plot does not pass

Aisha Dee also refers to a plot of the season 4 that she was not liked at all : the romantic relationship between Kat and Ava (Alex Paxton-Beesley), a young conservative woman. „The decision to put Kat in a relationship with a conservative woman seemed confused and distant of his character. Despite my personal feelings on this choice, I tried to tell this story with honesty even if the Kat that I know and love would never make these choices. It was heartbreaking to see the story of Kat to become the redemption for another, a person complicit in the oppression of others. A person, whose policy is harmful to his community, „wrote the star.

„I write this because I like The Bold Type“

With his message, Aisha Dee does not want to only criticize the series, but start new discussions. „I am critical because it is important to me, because I saw in the first rank of the incredible impact of our series and I believe in his potential to do better. (…) I write this because I like The Bold Type, I love the fans and the community it has created.“ can we read. The actress confesses to have had conversations with the teams of the series (writers, producers, and leaders of the Freeform / Universal TV). „I have no control over how my words will be received but I hope it’s clear that everything I’ve said here has been said with love, it comes from my heart. In speaking, I take a risk. This is scary but it’s worth it. This is not a judgment, it is a call to action. We deserve stories that are for us, by us.“ concludes Aisha Dee.

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