Shy’m (Profiling season 10) : why she has chosen to put his real name in the credits (Interview)

Shy'm (Profilage saison 10) : pourquoi elle a choisi de mettre son vrai nom au générique (Interview)

Shy’m (Profiling season 10) : why she is called Tamara Marthe in the series (Interview)

You, too, have been surprised to see Tamara Marthe and non-Shy’m in the credits of season 10 of Profiling ? Yes, the interpreter of Elisa has chosen his real name and not his stage name to play in the series of TF1 to the sides of Philippe Bas. How is it done ? Why this decision ? The singer’s response in interview with PRBK.

„It was very strange to imagine putting Shy’m in the credits“

Shy m has surprised a few in the season 10 of Profiling. While his arrival in the series, to replace Juliette Roudet, was strongly criticized on Twitter, most internet users have eventually changed his mind about the singer watching the first episode on TF1. Good news for Shy’m, who was aware of being expected at the turn.

On the other hand, a detail that has intrigued the fans of Profiling : why is the interpreter And then ? chose his real name (Tamara Marthe) and not his stage name in the credits of the show ? PRBK has had the opportunity to ask him a question in an interview : „For me, it was a mixture of both worlds. In life, everyone calls me Tamara. Shy m, it is the character that I play since 13 years old, through the music, but outside of it, this is Tamara, so it was very strange to imagine putting Shy’m in the credits„, we replied the one who plays Elisa in the sides of Philippe Bas (Rock).

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„I’d prefer to spend Profiling and the comedy in the first“

Don’t worry Shy’m did not forget his main occupation, however. Tamara Marthe doesn’t put his musical career aside as she told us : „I prioritize just. It’s been a year that I’ve got my head in Profiling, at the same time, I made the promo of my album, I was on stage, Dancing with the stars. It was complicated to manage all that, but if this year, I can manage my schedule, otherwise, I’d prefer to spend Profiling and the comedy first. And then, the music is part of my life. If there is a desire urgent, I will be back in the studio. It will be in not a long time anyway.

Interview by Lola Maroni. Exclusive content. Not to mention, without mentioning PRBK.

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