Revenge : no reboot for the series, ABC cancels the project

Revenge : pas de reboot pour la série, ABC annule le projet

Revenge : no reboot for the series, ABC cancels the project

Just five years after the end of Revenge, we learned a few months ago that the series worn by Emily VanCamp may return in the form of a reboot will focus on a new heroine. A project that is now at the point of death : the ABC network has decided not to retain for future series.

Aired between 2011 and 2015 on ABC in the United States, Revenge told the story of revenge, Emily Thorne, whose real name was Amanda Clarke. Back in the Hamptons, she was moving towards Grayson to avenge the death of his father, who died in prison (but not really) after having been falsely accused of terrorism. Mid-drama series mi-soap, Revenge was passionate viewers and revealed to the public, Emily VanCamp, view from in the Marvel movies and is currently in the cast of The Resident, including the season 2 aired on TF1 just go on break.

The reboot of Revenge will not take place

Some fans were rather excited at the idea of finding the universe of the series with a reboot. Announced in November last year, the project was supposed to be a sort of sequel that would have followed a young latina who landed in Malibu for revenge against a pharmaceutical company after the murder of his mother, a biochemist. The heroine needed to be guided in his revenge by a character of Revenge , whose identity had not been unveiled, but many thought he was Nolan Ross, played by Gabriel Mann.

A project that will, therefore, ultimately not the day. On Monday, June 29, TVLine explains that ABC has abandoned the series that she was preparing for the season 2020/2021. Information also confirmed by other american media. If the series you are missing, PRBK will reveal to you what becomes of the actors of Revenge.

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Other series that will not see the day on ABC

The reboot of Revenge is not the only project rejected by the chain. ABC has also decided not to give in to three other drivers : thirtysomething(else), following the series Thirtysomething (Generation Pub in French) in which you had to find Chris Wood ; The Bridesseries by Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa (Riverdale) with Gina Torres, who would have to reinvent the universe of Dracula, as well as Valley Trash with Jason Lee. However, Deadline states that thirtysomething(else) and The Flanges may be redeemed by a different channel or platform.

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