Represented by the first picture controller slam Apple with augmented reality

In the network appeared the first photos of the controller of the helmet augmented reality from Apple. The release device can be held in the fall of next year.

Представлена первая фотография контроллера шлема Apple с дополненной реальностью

In the picture you can see that the controller is visually similar to the HTC Vive Focus. Western publications have noted that the Network could appear only in the test sample. The final version of the device is likely to look different. Apple representatives have not yet commented on the new Internet image.

Apple CEO Tim cook previously stated that the company will gradually implement in their devices the technology AR. According to him, the more reality will significantly expand the capabilities of the user interface.

In the Network appeared information about the new game, which will be available only for devices with iOS 14. According to Western publications, it can run just next to the office, called Mathilda 3. It is possible that it is the headquarters departments involved in the development of the helmet augmented reality, as the game is designed specifically for AR. It is a bowling alley, stylized crosswalk. In it the player has with the virtual ball to knock down all the pins.

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