Profiling season 10 : why you will not see the result on TF1

Profilage saison 10 : pourquoi vous ne verrez pas la suite sur TF1

Profiling season 10 : why you will not see the result on TF1

If you were anxious to see the end of the season 10 of Profiling, it will have to be patient, very patient. Why ? Simply because TF1 has decided to deprogram the series with Philippe Bas, and Shy’m (Tamara Marthe) from Thursday 2 April. Episode 4 is still broadcast on 26 march.

TF1 déprogramme season 10 of Profiling

After you have decided to show only one episode instead of two, TF1 déprogramme finally season 10 of Profiling to „adapt their programming schedules“ because of the containment due to the epidemic of Coronavirus in France. The series Tomorrow belongs to us has also been pulled from the schedule for info.

The series with Shy’m (Tamara Marthe, his real name) and Philippe Bas (Thomas Rock) will not be available from 2 April 2020, but don’t worry, the last four episodes will be available once the situation will be re-established, as stated by the chain PRBK. In the meantime, Profiling season 10 is replaced by But where is therefore passed the seventh company (April 2), We found the seventh company (April 9) and The seventh company in the moonlight (16 April).

The last episode of Jean-Michel Martial

This Thursday, march 26, 2020, TF1 broadcasts when even the episode 4, which is the last of Jean-Michel Martial, who died in October 2019. The interpreter of the commissioner of Lamarck, replaced by actor Guy Lecluyse, has left a great void in the family Profiling as the entrust Philippe-Down interview with PRBK : „We have all been marked by this event. It has managed to adapt his departure to his story. Ca has allowed us to make him a real tribute in his last episode. There were a lot of emotions. He left very quickly.

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