Prodigal son : a season 2 ordered for the series !

Prodigal Son : une saison 2 commandée pour la série !

Prodigal son : a season 2 ordered for the series !

Malcolm Bright and Martin Whitly will be back for a season 2 ! While the future of Prodigal son was still uncertain after season 1 wrapped following the pandemic of sars Coronavirus, the chain FOX, which broadcasts the series in the United States has just announced good news with the command of new episodes. What is good news for fans of the series broadcast in us on TF1 !

The good (and bad) news is beginning to fall on the side of the american channels. After a long period of uncertainty following the pandemic of sars Coronavirus, the networks are beginning to organize for the season 2020/2021, and reveal the destiny of their series.

And a season 2 for Prodigal son

Despite the hearings not crazy in the US (average of 3.4 million viewers to each episode), Prodigal son will finally be eligible for a season 2 on FOX. The surveys will, therefore, continue for Malcolm Bright (Tom Payne that the interpreter has failed to move on to the next role), profiler haunted by his past, his father being imprisoned for having killed 23 people.

In France, TF1 has aired 11 of the 20 episodes of season 1, the broadcast was interrupted because of the crisis of the Covid-19. In the United States, the season 1 ended on April 27, and several episodes have had to be removed after the interruption of the filming. But this has not prevented the series from ending on a big cliffhanger.

In the last moments of the episode 20, Ainsley (Halston Sage) murdering Nicholas Endicott (Dermot Mulroney) in him edged suddenly the throat, under the eyes of Malcolm. What promise a season 2 full of tensions and far-reaching consequences.

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The result of Prodigal son , however, should not arrive before 2021, since the FOX, like the CW with Riverdale and The Flash, has decided to bring back its series for next year.

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