Plus belle la vie : finally of crossovers with Tomorrow belongs to us ? The producer responds

Plus belle la vie : enfin des crossovers avec Demain nous appartient ? La productrice répond

Plus belle la vie : finally of crossovers with Tomorrow belongs to us ? The producer responds

Now, these are three series of day-to-day French are offered each evening on TF1 (Tomorrow belongs to us), France 2 (A big sun) and France 3 (More beautiful life). Three different series but the universe finally similar. What imagine future crossovers between them ? The producer of the Mistral replied to the question.

More beautiful life ready to meet its competitors ?

There are some years, TF1 has achieved the dream of a lot of viewers by providing us with a crossover between the series Josephine Guardian Angel, and Camping Paradise. What prove that France is also able to create these episodes and give some ideas to some people. Like what ? A possible meeting between the Most beautiful life and Tomorrow belongs to us or A great sun, its famous competitors.

This possibility already makes you fantasize ? Well, this is Puremedias took the opportunity of an interview with Geraldine’s Son-in-law (new producer of the fiction-France 3) to question him about this possible project. Response of the interested ? „I’m a little undecided on the added value that this would bring. This is not the order of the day.“ Yes, it smells rather bad.

The production listening to the fans

However, the producer was also provided during this interview, she and her team are very sensitive to feedback from the fans. Interviewed on „the remarks of the viewers about the plots or the characters left behind on the social networks„, Geraldine’s Son-in-law said that she read everything, and that she was paying attention, „It is necessary to take into account the common denominators. When a note returns several times, it is necessary to analyze it to see if this relates, for example, a character in an ark at a time instant T.

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In other words, maybe if the fans would be more in favor of a crossover with Tomorrow belongs to us or A great sun, the producers would change their mind. After all, Sebastien Charbit – his predecessor, was himself favourable to such an idea. In 2019, he stated, in part, „It is necessary that there are things to tell. If it is said that a serial killer passes from Montpellier to Marseille, I don’t know if it’s really chugging. It must have something to tell. (…) If someone informs that it is a crossover and that there is not a nice story behind, it will be a bad event„.

The writers know what to do.

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