Philippe Lacheau dad : the actor finally confirms and entrusts the baby

Philippe Lacheau papa : l'acteur confirme enfin et se confie sur son bébé

Philippe Lacheau dad : the actor finally confirms and entrusts the baby

It’s official, Philippe Lacheau is well dad ! The actor and director of „Babysitting“ was confirmed to have had a baby 4 months ago with his girlfriend. If it has not confirmed to be in a relationship with Elodie Fontan as the think of the fans, he has however confessed to being in confinement with his sweetheart and their first child. And the star has even revealed the sex of the new-born.

Philippe Lacheau finally confirms to be a dad

Every night at 18: 30, Jarry is live on his accounts, Instagram and Facebook. The comedian is interviewed personalities from home. Via a new call visio, one who was part of the jury of Mask Singer on the French tv channel TF1 called Philippe Lacheau. And surprise, the actor and director has confirmed to be the father of a baby. It’s been several months since the rumor said that Elodie Fontan (with whom he had made a Match or Next crazy for PRBK) would have given birth to her first child with her lover.

The hero of Nicky Larson and the Scent of Cupid has not, however, confirmed his relationship with Elodie Fontan, despite numerous messages from viewers during the live who have written that this would be the one he shares his life. But he confessed to being in confinement with his girlfriend „at the age of 32 years“ (and it is that it is an index because the actress who had explained his departure from Clem at that age), and „a little boy aged 4 months“. Philippe Lacheau, therefore, has even revealed the sex of the baby, saying that it is a little boy.

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The actor gives a false name to her baby

And when Jarry asked him if his new-born crying not too much during the nights, Philippe Lacheau replied : „Frankly, it’s cool, it’s cool, you live not far from me so if it’s happening, you’d hear“. „Thank you my Fifi love“ , concluded the moderator, by indicating to him : „Kiss your wife, we say not his name even though everyone has cited his name in the comments. And it embraces the little boy, but we say not his name no more“. And here, the dad has done a dash of humor in saying that his son „is called Michael Jackson“.

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