New Amsterdam, season 2 : a episode on the influenza epidemic removed due to a coronavirus

New Amsterdam saison 2 : un épisode sur une épidémie de grippe supprimé à cause du coronavirus

New Amsterdam, season 2 : a episode on the influenza epidemic removed due to a coronavirus

Coincidences can sometimes be terrible. While the world is facing a violent epidemic of coronavirus, the-season 2 New Amsterdam was prepared to propose an episode pretty much about the flu. However, in the face of the news drama, the creators have preferred to remove it.

An episode associated with influenza, deleted

While some creators of the series regret not being able to finish the post-production of their last episodes before the arrival of the Covid-19 in the world, those of New Amsterdam simply come to take the decision to remove one of them, yet mounted and ready to be released, of their program.

In a press release sent to Deadline, David Schulner – the father of the fiction medical, has been found to have set aside an episode whose plot was centered on a flu epidemic : „The world needs less fiction today and many more facts.“ A surprising decision ? Not that much to it. The showrunner was then added, when the reality exceeds the fiction, this can cause more harm than good, „Sometimes, the mirror can reflect is too terrifying to see.

The reality has exceeded the fiction

More precisely, it was shown that the episode in question could have been associated with bad taste or revive bad memories in such a period of time : „We showed what was going on when our hospital had a need to put up tents in the parking lot because all the beds were occupied. Today, we wake up with images of soldiers who mount tents to the office of mortuaries relief outside of Bellevue hospital while New York is preparing for a potential increase in the number of casualties due to the epidemic of the coronavirus.

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Moreover, it is also important to note that the actor Daniel Dae Kim – seen in Lost or Hawaii 5-0, has recently announced himself to be a victim of the coronavirus as he came to join the series to help doctors in the face of the epidemic. An irony of fate, that does not, of course, make people laugh David Schulner at the moment…

Now, following the cancellation of this episode, NBC has more than a single previously unseen episode to be broadcast. We’ll see you on the 14th of April, in the USA, to discover what will be the end of this season 2. Fortunately, the series has been renewed for 3 more seasons…

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