Netflix : to deter people from leaving, 2 students show big spoilers in the streets

Netflix : pour dissuader les gens de sortir, 2 étudiants affichent des gros spoilers dans les rues

Netflix : to deter people from leaving, 2 students show big spoilers in the streets

Do not go out of your home ! In order not to spread the pandemic of sars coronavirus… and for you not to make a spoiler. To help people comply with the containment, 2 students have posted the poster series for Netflix… with huge spoilers. A good way to prevent you from getting out !

Spoilers about the shows Netflix, a means of pressure to promote the containment

In confinement period, Netflix has reduced its rates in Europe as well as YouTube, to avoid breaking the internet. But the streaming platform could also benefit from its power of spoiler to get people to stay locked up at home. This is the good idea that two fans of Netflix have had. Seine Kongruangkit and Matithorn Prachuabmoh Chaimoungkalo are two thai students studying in the schools the Miami Ad School in Hamburg, Germany

They decided to post spoilers on giant posters in the streets to deter everyone out. „If the virus does not prevent you from leaving home, then the spoilers will“ have they said in the explanatory video of the ghost (false communication). Among the spoilers, there are some on the series Stranger Things, and The Casa de Papel, but also on the reality tv show “ Love is Blind, which has been renewed for two more seasons.

„You should have #restercheztoiputain“

If you don’t want to be spoilés with these fake billboards for Netflix, then you must comply with the containment and not go for a stroll in the streets. The phrase „You should’ve #staythefuckhome“ (which literally translates to „You should have #restercheztoiputain“) is specified in the video.

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„The containment help to drastically reduce the spread of the COVID-19. This is why the hasthag #StayTheFuckHome exists. But some people think that it is normal to go out for a walk“ said the two students) the origin of this brilliant idea, and as „people will do anything to avoid spoilers related to their favorite series. We want to discourage them from hanging out with the spoilers installed in public spaces“.

Netflix : 2 students post spoilers on posters in the street to deter people from leaving during the containment

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