Messiah season 2 : the series of Netflix cancelled because of the sars coronavirus, Tomer Sisley sharing his sentence

Messiah saison 2 : la série de Netflix annulée à cause du coronavirus, Tomer Sisley partage sa peine

Messiah season 2 : the series of Netflix cancelled because of the sars coronavirus

The bad news flow in the world series. After the announcement of the postponement of the broadcast of the last episode of season 10 of The Walking Dead, Tomer Sisley, we learn today that Messiah is not delayed but simply cancelled and therefore will not season 2 because of the outbreak that has been linked to the coronavirus.

Messiah cancelled by Netflix

Between two films which are suspended the broadcasts are stopped, or the episodes that are simply cancelled, the series of the world are not immune to the outbreak that has been linked to the coronavirus. And unfortunately for fans of Messiah, one of the new original creations of Netflix, the consequences are even more serious.

Tomer Sisley – the interpreter Aviram, comes in effect to announce the total cancellation of season 2 and therefore the series. On his account Instagram, the comedian said : „The season 2 of Messiah had to turn to Rome… The times are crazy and prevent us from turning this summer. It will therefore unfortunately not and we are all extremely sorry.

Tomer Sisley highly disappointed

A radical decision, which was surprising – the production of Stranger Things is just on pause, why not have done the same with Messiah ? The report was it too expensive ?, and that is experienced as a real tear for the actor. In his message, Tomer Sisley has not hidden his love for this story, „This original series has not left anyone indiffèrent, me first, and I took a huge pleasure. Aviram will long remain with me„.

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Only good news, the actor does not allow himself to be disheartened by the situation. So that we should find it on TF1 with a new season of Balthazar, Tomer Sisley has promised that he was already ready to give life to „other projects at least as intense as soon as we’ll be out of this world situation dramatic.

In the meantime, it is hoped that the creators of the Messiah will find a way to provide answers to all the mysteries left unresolved at the end of season 1…

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