Lucy Liu (Why Women Kill) ready to kill for revenge ? She confides

Lucy Liu (Why Women Kill) prête à tuer par vengeance ? Elle se confie

Lucy Liu (Why Women Kill) ready to kill for revenge ? She confides

In the season 1 of Why Women Kill, Lucy Liu embodies a heroine ready to do anything to kill her husband after discovering his infidelity. A role tailor-made for the actress who is herself a fan of the 80’s, that era of her character ? You have the answer.

In Why Women Kill – the new series from Marc Cherry, the dad of Desperate Housewives, it follows three heroines who live in the same house but in three different periods (60s, 80s, years in 2020) and experiencing the same story : they are cheated by their husbands and decide to take revenge.

On this occasion, Lucy Liu – view in Elementary, slips into the skin of Simone, and puts forward the particularity of the 80’s, via the morals of the era or the style of dress. A visual shock to the viewers, but a real pleasure for the actress.

Lucy Liu is fascinated by the 80s

At the bend of an interview with Gala, the star has, indeed, told to be fascinated by this decade : „The 80’s, it was a time colorful and fun, that of Boy George and carelessness. There was a certain freedom in the creation.

Most of all, for she has a true soul of an artist – Lucy Liu painted a lot, this period marks one of the opening : „It was also a wonderful period of experimentation, be it with drugs, the makeup, the clothes, but also at the level of sexuality.

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It is also important to note that if the actress is as much attracted by the 80s, this is because she regrets not having been able to enjoy it fully. She said, „I was finishing my studies in high school, this was not a period that was very easy for me, I was a little sore in my skin, I was trying to find my place in society.“

An actress long memory for old mistakes ?

However, if his role allows him today to catch up and connect with happiness in this time, do not believe that it identifies itself perfectly to its heroin. Where Simone is ready to kill for revenge, Lucy Liu promises to be more asked. The question, „are you a long memory for old mistakes ?„, the actress responded, „A friend tells me that I am a person who forgives but doesn’t forget. It is something on which I am working daily to improve myself. Forgiveness is important, but this is not necessarily a page is turned.

Everyone can blow !

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