Lucifer season 5 : Maze facing Eve and new relationship with Amenadiel this year ?

Lucifer saison 5 : Maze face à Eve et nouvelle relation avec Amenadiel cette année ?

Lucifer season 5 : Maze facing Eve and new relationship with Amenadiel this year ?

This is only a matter of months before Netflix puts online season 5 Lucifer. And after actress Lesley-Ann Brandt, the new episodes will see Maze be confronted with Eve and get closer to Amenadiel. Attention spoilers.

While all the world wonder already about the possibility to see Lucifer being renewed by Netflix for a season 6, Lesley-Ann Brandt – the interpreter of Mazikeen (Maze for friends), took the opportunity of an interview to talk about season 5, which is expected to land in the next few weeks on the platform of SVOD.

Maze the face of Eve

And without surprise, the first few episodes will see Maze suffer the backlash from his big break with Eve during the previous season : „It is a little in denial. Her heart is broken, it is all gone, and she compensates for it by work.“ In fact, it is closer largely of a another heroine : „There is much to see with Chloe because their stories echo each other.

However, do not believe that this story with Eve is complete. The actress recalled, „all of You know, Eve will eventually come back and there will be a lot of drama with„. And if Lesley-Ann Brandt did not wish to say more on this subject, it has nonetheless teasé this : „She needs to confront her, e.g. at the end of it, it’s going to take a decision which will be the better for it, and that will allow him to move forward.“

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New relationship with Amenadiel ?

But this is not all, this season 5 will also see Maze get closer… of Amenadiel. What to expect to see them get back together ? And why not… „there are excellent scenes with D. B. Woodside and I think that the plot with Amenadiel will be that you will never be certain of what will happen to them ; they reflirtent together or are just friends ?

Only one certainty, their duet we will offer beautiful moments to the screen. In the same way that his history with Eve, Maze will benefit from the upcoming episodes to evolve this relationship : „You have the angel and the devil, who are supposed to be from opposite sides. But these two characters need to explore their own humanity, and through it you see the blossoming of a new relationship between them, and it’s really beautiful.“ We really didn’t understand everything, but we are in a hurry.

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