In Russia for the medical community launched the Internet science portal on coronavirus

In NIISM developed an Internet portal on coronavirus to the Russian doctors. It collected information on the diagnosis, prevention and treatment of SARS.

В России для медицинского сообщества запустили научный интернет-портал о коронавирусе

On the developed website will be able to find comprehensive information on coronavirus infections from reputable organizations such as who, CDC, Lancet, WoS, Scopus, health Ministry and others. Material for publication is taken only from international indexed databases of scientific data that tells about its reliability. On online learn about tool and laboratory methods of diagnosis of SARS, its clinical manifestations and prevention of infection. The portal also contains information about the principles of organization of treatment of patients. Community physicians open access to normative documents, technical regulations, methodological recommendations and analyses epidemiological indicators.

Earlier, Russian residents are urged to become volunteers in terms of the spread of coronavirus infection.

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