In Russia devised a way to improve the safety of shooting sports

In Russia invented how to improve the safety of shooting sports. Special shields made of reinforced foam concrete are highly energy intensive destruction and absorb bullets, while minimizing their breakup or ricochet.

В РФ придумали способ повышения безопасности пулевой стрельбы

The new material is suitable for walls of galleries, as informed in the Donskoy state technical University. The developers of the new material is said that we are talking about an almost zero possibility of a rebound, which significantly reduces harmful emissions of lead when the bullet hit in the protective layer. The choice of material engineers came to the conclusion that fiberfoamconcrete suitable to perform the desired functions. This material is reinforced with dispersed fibres, which ensures the effective energy intensity of destruction when exposed to explosive or shock loads. Experts DSTU take into account the viscosity of the new composition, which does not allow the bullet bounced or shatter, causing injury.

The cost of fabrication and installation of slabs of reinforced foam concrete is much lower than the traditional shields of the reservation. The novelty experienced in the military-hunting society of the North Caucasus IN Rostov-on-don, and the development was approved practitioners.

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