In Minecraft recreated the Earth in full size

In the video game Minecraft with mods Terra 1 to 1 and the Cubic Chunks recreated the Earth in full size. The roller with the result of this process was shown on YouTube.

В Minecraft воссоздали Землю в натуральную величину

The creators of the Earth in scale of 1: 1 announced that the mod Terra allows you to make the landscape, guided by Google Maps. Cubic Chunks allow you to undo the limits of construction. The developers have encouraged gamers to join the content of settlements in Minecraft. This game provides the ability to create unique worlds. She has received many modifications. Minecraft is very popular among gamers and is beyond the scope of conventional games. For example, in Japan, students spent the prom because of the cancellation of the real celebrations due to the outbreak of coronavirus.

In Minecraft, players are allowed to communicate and interact in the virtual world. This is done using the built-in multiplayer mode, including a local area network. The game allowed the battle between gamers.

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