In Bangladesh interested in long-range Russian ATGM „Kornet“

The military of Bangladesh has shown interest in long-range Russian ATGM „Kornet“. This equipment can be purchased, if you win the bidding.

В Бангладеш интересуются дальнобойным российским ПТРК "Корнет"

Recently, the role of tank in the battle is becoming more limited because there are more means to his defeat. The price of anti-missile system is significantly lower heavy combat units. In addition, ATRA is usually mounted on armoured wheeled vehicle, and this makes them very maneuverable and low noise. Military conflicts that have occurred over the recent period demonstrated a high efficiency of anti-tank systems „cornet“. Now this system is already in service more than ten countries. Really appreciate it especially in Algeria. Drew attention to the Russian development in Bangladesh. Addresses the issue of her adopting, but it first must go through a tender, but a very high probability that the complex will eventually choose in the Asian country.

During the years of release, „cornet“ has been repeatedly upgraded. Now the most urgent is a variation of the „Kornet-EM“ ATGW Usually mounted on armored vehicles „Typhoon-K“ and „Tiger-M“, but if necessary, may be elected to another chassis. Over the years improvements to the complex, engineers were able to improve its combat performance, reaching high values. Now the launcher can be located 10 kilometers from the target. Thus its destructive capacity is very high, which is proven in combat conditions. Missiles destroy even tailorwikirules fighting unit. Another advantage is the ability to destroy low-flying targets, which may be helicopters, which to some extent allows us to consider anti-tank systems and means of air defense.

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