In April subscribers Stadia Pro free get 5 games

Google has informed gamers about the April collection available to subscribers of the premium service Pro Stadia. Users will receive 5 free games.

В апреле подписчики Stadia Pro бесплатно получат 5 игр

The list includes arcade On Stacks Herringbone developing Games for computers. This game combines the humor and the need to connect logical thinking. Service Stadia Pro provides free access to Spitlings where gamers have to feel like a square being, able to spit your own teeth. Programmers promised to do about 100 missions. You can perform tasks alone or together with three friends. Next are three games Serious Sam Collection. The collection includes The First Encounter, The Second Encounter and BFE. We are talking about shooters created by the Croatian company Croteam.

In the virtual store Stadia on March 27, there were two new items – The Crew and Lost In 2 Words: Beyond the Page. The first is a race open world and the regime for free movement, and the second is an adventure game in the style of fantasy.

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