HUAWEI has developed its own alternative to Siri and Google Assistant

HUAWEI has developed its own alternative to Siri and Google Assistant. Virtual assistant named Celia and is designed for proprietary devices of the brand.

HUAWEI разработала собственную альтернативу Siri и Google Assistant

Information about the tool that will become the alternative to Siri and Google Assistant, first appeared at the presentation of digital electronics. The developer said about the voice assistant, which is able to perform many useful features. Among other things, Celia is able to translate texts online, make calls, send text messages, check weather information, etc. currently he speaks three languages, including English, French and Spanish. Voice assistant is available for users of Spain, France, Mexico, UK, Colombia and Chile. To activate the English version is sufficient to hold the power button for a second and make „Hey Celia“.

HUAWEI promises later to expand the geography of use of the service and support for languages. It is expected that the voice assistant Celia will be integrated in the firmware EMUI 10.1 with new updates to new flagship devices P40 and P40 Pro, the release date of which is yet unknown.

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