Gérard Hernandez (Scènes de ménages) thanked „all the agents who are working to save us“

Gérard Hernandez (Scènes de ménages) thanked „all the agents who are working to save us“

Private shooting, Gérard Hernandez – the executor of Raymond in the series Scènes de ménages, has benefited from its confinement, to pay tribute to all the people who are fighting to save us and reassure fans about his state of health.

A few days ago, Frédéric Bouraly – the interpreter of José in Scenes of Households, landed on Twitter with his guitar to pay tribute in song to all the hospital staff in this complicated period. This week, it is Gérard Hernandez – the great Raymond in the comedy of M6, which was held in turn to thank „all the little soldiers who fight for us„.

Gérard Hernandez thanked the little soldiers

No music for the comedian, but he is a guest in the log 19:45 of the chain. And for once, he was not joking but was very serious and thankful to all the heroes of everyday life : „I would like to thank all those people who fight for us and that we tend to forget when everything is going well. Here we can see that there are agents who are working to save us, to heal us. I would like to say thank you to all of you : the garbagemen, the cashiers of the major surfaces, the medics…

He has reminded us, it is thanks to them that we can hope for a better future in a few weeks, at the end of the epidemic. Also, it is silly to spend his time complaining in such a situation, „All those little soldiers that fight for us while we were complaining because it is our home, it’s going to end.“ Incentives that should be fun for involved.

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Don’t worry for the actor

In addition, Gérard Hernandez, 87 years of age, knows in the critical target in the face of the sars coronavirus. However, don’t expect him to worry about. On the contrary, he was keen to reassure fans about his health. After blagué on its collocation with her companion, the actor is optimistic, „I consider myself to be in great shape ! And I would like to say to all those who were my age that it is not a matter of age, it is a question of will, they we will not !

Especially, even in times of crisis, he has not forgotten his colleague’s favorite, Marion Game. Private shooting with the interpreter of Huguette, it has as well addressed a few words very funny : „My girlfriend of Scenes of households, I hope she is not careless, because it also [is concerned] !

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