Friends : Courteney Cox (Monica) has no memory of the series

Friends : Courteney Cox (Monica) n'a aucun souvenir de la série

Friends : Courteney Cox (Monica) has no memory of the series

A few weeks of his reunion with the entire cast of Friends, Courteney Cox (Monica) has just made a surprising confession : she has no memory of the series. Suddenly, she takes advantage of the containment to rebuild a culture.

Courteney Cox doesn’t remember Friends

In a few months, all the actors of Friends find themselves on a plateau, not to film an episode that is unprecedented, but to discuss the series and to offer the fans of so many anecdotes of filming. A show highly anticipated by the public – a meeting such as this is to be expected since 2004 and the end of the comedy, the USA, and which is preparing seriously Courteney Cox.

In fact, in order not to disappoint the waiting fans and legitimize his huge salary for the show – we’re talking about a cheque of 3 million to 4 million dollars by actor/actress, the unforgettable interpreter of Monica is currently benefiting from the containment to run a marathon Friends. A surprise ? On the contrary, a necessity. Interviewed at a distance by Jimmy Kimmel, the actress has a surprise revealed : „I do not even remember to have been in the series. My memory is horrible„.

A binge-watching catch-up

Don’t worry, she has not forgotten everything. She quickly clarified, she still has in mind the essential, „I remember, of course, that I had fun and I loved to be with all the world, and I also have many memories of moments of my life during the series„. However, it is here that his memory stops. She could not help but confess, „I don’t remember any of the episodes !

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Therefore, rather than wasting his time to dream during this period and in order to be able to understand the references that there is a risk of him swinging during the show, Courteney Cox has chosen to slip into the skin of a fan : „I decided to binge-watcher Friends„. And you know what ? While she has just started the season 1, its verdict is without appeal, „it’s really cool !“ Phew !

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