Experts have identified five characteristics of „wiretapping“ mobile phone

To access confidential information of users using a mobile phone can not only intelligence officers, but the cyber fraudsters. Experts in the field of computer security identified five characteristics of „wiretapping“ of the smartphone.

Эксперты назвали пять признаков «прослушки» мобильного телефона

It is especially important to pay attention to the downloaded application. With the help of the software „hackers“ can take control of someone else’s mobile device. If the memory of the gadget is stored the application that the owner is not downloaded – it is an occasion to reflect on the „wire.“ Do not ignore the self-activation of the device, „abnormally“ quick overheating and the rapid decrease of the charge supply battery in a disabled device. It is not excluded, the above is the result of the operation of malicious SOFTWARE, including mining cryptocurrencies with your smartphone.

To alert the device owner needs other sounds that appear during a call on a mobile phone. This category also includes electronic interference. They appear even in that moment, when the user uses the gadget. To check for insecure programs, it is recommended to bring the smartphone to the PC. The occurrence of abnormal noise, in this case, signals of illegally obtaining personal information of the owner of the device cyberswindlers.

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