Elite season 3 : why did (SPOILER) is the killer of Polo, the creator explains his choice

Elite saison 3 : pourquoi (SPOILER) est le meurtrier de Polo, le créateur explique son choix

Elite season 3 : why did (SPOILER) is the killer of Polo, the creator explains his choice

If you have not yet finished season 3 Elite on Netflix, you don’t even know who is the murderer of Polo. All the others you are familiar with and like us, you’ve probably been surprised by the identity of the culprit. Still wondering why this character and not another ? The creator Dario Madrona explains his choice. Warning, this article contains spoilers on the last episode.

„Lu was the better candidate“

The plot around the murder of Marina is now closed. It ends with the death of Polo in the season 3 Elite, and then we imagined Guzman, Samuel or even She in the skin of the guilty, it is finally Read that has been designated. His gesture was not premeditated, it was an accident, but unfortunately the provocative attitude of the ex of Carla, played by Alvaro Rico, was driven to commit the worst. So, for what reason, the creator has said he chose the character of Danna Paola to kill Polo ?

It is in an interview with , AND Online that Dario Madrona explains this decision : „Read was the best candidate for this because she was one of the students the most evil in seasons 1 and 2. She was the character that the other despised the most. And see the rest of the gang for the support, it not only shows the growth of Lu in season 3, but also the evolution of all the others ! All of them come together at the end and support each other, despite their problems of the past. Too much damage had already been done.

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„For the first time, they feel empathy for Polo“

The creator of Elite was then asked that this ending was the best that could happen to Polo : „In a certain way, this has given us the end of „the most happy“ that we can give to the character. When Reading the kills, in an accident (at least, it was not premeditated), which is quite similar to the murder of Marina, any other character can put themselves in the place of Polo for a second, to understand it a little for the first time, to the point of helping the murderer to get away with it. This does not mean that they condone his actions, but for the first time, they feel empathy for him.“ Now that the loop is closed, what remains is to know if the season 4 Elite, if there is one, will be welcoming a new cast.

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