Dynasty season 4 : a new Crystal to come ? The showrunner responds

Dynastie saison 4 : une nouvelle Cristal à venir ? Le showrunner répond

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Dynasty season 4 : Daniella Alonso will play it yet Crystal ?

Saturday 23rd of may, Netflix launched the entire season 3 of Dynasty, which has a new actress in the role of Crystal. This is the third time that the character changes his face since the beginning of the show aired in the USA on the CW. Then, Daniella Alonso will she be back for season 4 or the series will she STILL recaster character ?

Change of actor in the course of road, it don’t be afraid to Dynasty. After months of waiting – the platform has not released the episodes of season 3 in the US+24 as was the case for seasons 1 and 2 – Netflix has brought online the 20 episodes this Saturday. Those who follow the series were shocked to discover a new actress in the role of Crystal.

After Nathalie Kelley in season 1 and Ana Brenda Contreras in season 2, now it is Daniella Alonso, who plays Crystal in season 3 of Dynasty. If his face tells you something, it is normal : she has played Anna Taggaro in The Brothers Scott and has also been one of the main roles of the series Revolution. You can also find it in season 2 of the Resident, which airs from Wednesday on TF1.

A fourth Crystal in approach ?

Since Dynasty is a little cursed when it comes to Crystal, can we expect to see another actress play in season 4 of the series, already ordered by the CW ? Don’t worry, the answer is no ! The showrunner, Josh Reims, has assured that Daniella Alonso is returning to his role in the sequel to the series during an interview with TVLine. „I wanted to believe that at the beginning of the season, we will have a new Crystal. But I didn’t want to scare Daniella. She is great in this role and I am very happy that she come back“ he confided. Phew !

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The reasons for the departures of the previous Crystal

But why Nathalie Kelley and Ana Brenda Contreras have-they left the series ? For the second interpreter, this is due to a personal decision that she wished to bid farewell to the show. About Nathalie Kelley ? Last month, the actress who now plays in the series, The Baker and the Beauty revealed to have been pushed out of the Dynasty because it did not match the character. „I think I was not ready for the challenge of playing in such a soap. I was not prepared for this kind. I had never experienced such a thing (…) It forced me to make a serious introspection and to realize that I had not done enough to this character. I am grateful to the producers of saw, in the time that I couldn’t see, that I was not made for that“ she explained to TVLine.

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