Desperate Housewives in mourning : Odile Schmitt, the French voice of Eva Longoria is deceased

Desperate Housewives en deuil : Odile Schmitt, la voix française d'Eva Longoria est décédée

Desperate Housewives in mourning : Gabrielle Solis, the French voice of Eva Longoria (Gabrielle) is deceased

The reruns of Desperate Housewives on M6 will no longer have the same flavor. We just learn, Odile Schmitt, the famous French voice of Eva Longoria (Gabrielle Solis) has died.

The world of Desperate Housewives is in mourning. This is Marc Saez, a famous stage director in French theatre, who comes to announce the news, the actress Odile Schmitt died on Tuesday, march 24, as a result of illness. And if his name tells you maybe nothing, its voice should, conversely, to remind you of many memories.

A voice is iconic to Wisteria Lane

Indeed, Odile Schmitt was recognized for his incredible work in the world of dubbing. And among his the most famous vocal, how not to cite that Eva Longoria that she has followed throughout its career, from its beginnings in the Fires of Love up to the lesser advertisement or film.

Yes, if Gabrielle Solis seemed to you to be as sexy as it is irresistible, it was also through the tone of voice if particular actress of dubbing. Still today, even though the VO has democratized a little bit everywhere, it seems difficult to imagine the heroine of Wisteria Lane without his French voice as the work of Eva Longoria and Odil Schmitt met and complemented each other perfectly.

A rich career

However, to reduce the work of Odile Schmitt as the single voice of Eva Longoria would not pay homage to his career. Among his most memorable roles, she has doubled Katerina Iannou (Ada Nicodemou) in Hartley, coeurs à vif, Shane McCutcheon (Katherine Moennig) in The L World, Charlie Wheeler (Aisha Tyler) on Friends , or, in cartoons, the characters of Tao in The Mysterious Cities of gold, Tom Mini in The Minipouss, and even Lola Bunny in Space Jam.

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The world of dubbing has just lost one of its greatest voices and our ears to the cry already.

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