Called the main advantage of C-400 „Triumph“ before the MIM-104 Patriot

A military expert has analyzed the technical features of the C-400 „Triumph“ and MIM-104 Patriot. As a result, he called the main advantage of Russian air defense system to the us.

Названо главное преимущество C-400 «Триумф» перед MIM-104 Patriot

C-400 „Triumph“ is capable of detecting small aircraft such as UAVs and cruise missiles that fly several kilometers from the unit to a height less than 100 meters. Similar properties does not have the American system MIM-104 Patriot, therefore, the Russian development has an advantage over him. To achieve such impressive results allows the HEADLIGHTS (phased array). It suggests missile system for low-flying targets with amazing accuracy.

It is worth noting that even the Creator of the MIM-104 Patriot David Barton praised the guidance system of the Russian C-400 „Triumph“. National SAM is an excellent weapon, both for defensive and offensive purposes, so it is able to guarantee the success of any military operation.

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