Because of the coronavirus, Microsoft temporarily stops the release of optional updates for Windows 10

Optional updates for Windows 10 will cease to exit in may. Microsoft has taken such a step because of the „public health“.

Из-за коронавируса компания Microsoft временно прекращает выпуск необязательных обновлений для Windows 10

Will be stopped the production updates C and D, which come out every month for 3-4 week. They contain improvements and bug fixes not related to security devices. A restriction is introduced since may of this year, therefore, the April update will be available according to schedule. The period for which development stops, not reported. Cumulative updates to the firm will continue to produce on the second Tuesday of each month, because, according to the company, for them is of great importance to the safety of the users. This is done to ensure business continuity and productivity clients.

Earlier in preparation for the 2020 Build a database of the test package Geekbench demonstrated the fact that the mention of Windows Core.

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