At Kaspersky Lab, told about the methods of disinfection of smartphones

Recently in the blog domestic company Kaspersky Lab has published information on what tools best to use to disinfect smartphones. According to the statement of experts, this measure is a necessary preventative procedure from the coronavirus.

В Лаборатории Касперского рассказали о способах дезинфекции смартфонов

Experts noted that the smartphone can serve as a dangerous source of infection with coronavirus in the case that gadget before it touched the hands of the infected person. According to experts, the least harmful substance for the treatment of the display is isopropyl alcohol, the optimum concentration of isopropanol in the range of 70-80%. These percentages it is important to observe due to the fact that the more pure alcohol the inherent rapid evaporation, and this is undesirable factor, as the time spent sanitizing solution on the surface shall be not less than a minute. On the other hand, the decrease of concentration can lead to significant decrease in processing efficiency.

Also, experts reported that disinfection may be suitable ethyl alcohol, sodium hypochlorite or hydrogen peroxide, however, their use is permissible only in extreme cases due to damage to the coating of the device with frequent use. In addition, the importance and methods of processing – thus, the mentioned disinfectants can not be cast in the connectors. The best way is to wetting by liquids with a cotton pad followed by rubbing of the gadget. About it reports the Internet-the portal

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