Artificial intelligence has learned to warn users about fake news

French scientists from the University of Notre Dame has developed a unique computer system to be able to warn users about fake news. It is based on the application of artificial intelligence.

Искусственный интеллект научился предупреждать пользователей о фальшивых новостях

The system is able to recognize fake pictures, videos and false information presented in a text form. According to scientists, the new technology will protect users from the various manipulations through which stakeholders control the public opinion.

As stated by the authors of the study, today in the information space there are a large number of coordinated campaigns. Their goal is to incite hatred and conflicts, to advance certain political forces. The main instrument for data manipulation are fake news.

The developed system is tested by the analysis of political memes that relate to the upcoming elections of the U.S. President. A „smart“ algorithm, the scientists trained the appropriate action on a huge amount of data. It includes two million records from social networks, according to the portal Planet Today.

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