Airbus tested the communications system for an unmanned slave Remote Carrier

One of the largest aircraft companies in the world – Airbus tested the latest communication systems for unmanned Remote slave devices Carrier, which is being developed for some European countries. The details of the project became known from the publication in the pages of Jane’s.

Концерн Airbus испытал систему связи для беспилотных ведомых Remote Carrier

The testing was part of the recent teachings of the Timber Express, the air force of Germany. It is expected that this UAV will be able to perform tasks in interaction with manned fighters. The appearance of devices already declassified media workers. Pilots will pilot the drones, giving them flight tasks. Their drones will be able to function in automatic mode. During testing of the new system interacted with the aircraft Eurofighter Typhoon and Panavia Tornado via a communication standard for aircraft NATO Link 16. Specific details about the performed test no. The creators prefer to keep the details of the development for Germany, Spain and France in secret. The system proved to be good. The fighters managed to convey all the teams of unmanned wingman.

The development of these drones is part of an ambitious program FCAS for a whole family of the newest UAVs. Also as part of the project will be developed by the new generation fighters. It is expected that the first flight of this military aircraft will take place in 2026.

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