Access translator Google Translate got 75 million people

At least 75 million people worldwide have received access to the popular Google translate Translate. This is the first time in the last four years, when officially added support for the popular service of languages

Доступ к переводчику Google Translate получили 75 млн человек

The creators of Google Translate indicated that it is now to translate the phrase, the word or text can those who communicate in Tatar, Turkmen and Uighur languages even. In addition, now the translation is performed Kinyarwanda and Odie. As a rule, the training system is available on the world wide web transfers, while in the case of certain languages, the difficulty arises due to the lack of open sources of content on them.

Speakers of these languages, the citizens also have the ability to translate entire pages. Now a total of Google Translate offers users to transfer to 108 languages of the world, which is confirmed in the official blog of the American company.

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