A new character in Total War: Warhammer II dedicated to Henry Caville

In the game Total War: Warhammer II, a new character, which is a reference to the actor Henry Caville. Thus the representatives of the Studio Creative Assembly has decided to surprise users.

Нового персонажа в Total War: Warhammer II посвятили Генри Кавиллу

Recently, the world saw a new DLC for the strategy, called the Warden and the Paunch. Now the game has a character with the name of Cavill. Gamers saw this as an obvious reference to the star of “the Witcher” Henry Caville. The actor does not hide that he is a fan of Total War, and fans in a joking manner said that he would have to appear in the series. A new hero is representative of the High Elves, speaking also the Keeper of knowledge to hoeta. The character boasts the ability of the White Wolf, which provides a +15 bonus to attack when fighting large opponents. In this the players saw a reference to the series “the Witcher”.

Richard Aldridge, who plays one of the Directors of Warhammer II also confirmed the connection between the new hero and directly Cavill. He pointed out that during the long years in the strategy thus added many developers, including himself.

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